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One-to-one Aesthetics Mentoring

supercharge your career with aesthetics mentoring with Dr MJ.  Become known in the industry. 

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Aesthetics mentoring

Mentoring courses with Dr MJ

What it is:  A pre-prepared customised learning solution to precisely meet your personal learning needs.

What it contains:  Whatever you want it to be. Dr MJ will spend time preparing the ideal syllabus to move you forward.  This could be injecting technique, help with specific treatments, help with certain types of patients, ultrasound guided techniques or using cannulas. You tell us what you want and we will make it happen.

With the purchase of 1 mentoring day, you will also receive the online Facial Ultrasound Course for a half price rate of £350, as well as a shadow day with Dr MJ free of charge to maximise your experience prior to the course.

With 2 or more mentoring days, you will receive the online facial ultrasound course (worth £700) free of charge. The online course is mandatory to complete prior to a mentoring session to ensure you go into the session with the correct level of relevant ultrasound knowledge.

Who it’s for:  Almost everybody.  Practitioners who want customised, laser-focused attention.  Beginners or advanced practitioners will benefit equally.

Your outcome:  Customised outcomes will be agreed prior to your course.  Examples being “I only convert 60% of my patients, I’d like to do the perfect assessment and consultation with every patient” or “I want to start using ultrasound more efficiently.”

Why you should have a mentor

It’s time to unlock your potential with one on one mentoring at the HUB. Aesthetic medicine is a challenging career.  You’re practising the clinical side of medicine, keeping your patients happy and avoiding complications all while running a small business.  This can be overwhelming.


It’s no secret that successful people have mentors. If you want to succeed then mentoring is the fastest route to the practice of your dreams and a life you imagined.

What is a mentor

A mentor is an experienced and trusted advisor who provides guidance, knowledge, and support to supercharge your personal and professional growth.  Running a successful practice and being a virtuoso practitioner may seem daunting for you.  However, it’s not daunting for us, it’s what we do every day.  It is important to find a mentor who has done what you want to do and they can guide you through the process in a tenth of the time it would have taken you to get there on your own.


What’s the difference between coaching and mentoring?

Coaches help people in any industry with problems relating to generalities such as leadership, time management, relationships etc.  A mentor is industry specific and has the personal experience the mentee seeks.  A coach can help you without having any experience of what you are going through or trying to learn.


  • Sharing Experience and Knowledge: Dr MJ has made all the mistakes so you don’t have to. She has a decade of experience running three medical practices and there are no questions she cannot answer.

  • Supporting Decision Making: Business and medical practice are all about making decisions.  Think back to the last three bad decisions you made in and imagine how much time and money you could have saved if you had made better ones! We all like to think we are great at making decisions, but a quick look at the basic facts will tell another story. Over the years Dr MJ has become extremely competent at good decision making and we can help you through the first easy decisions in your practice and will be there to support your decision making at every step.

  • Setting Goals: Because you are doing this for the first time you will not know where you are going or how to get there. With a mentor you can set achievable goals and put timeframes on your milestones for personal and business growth.

  • Providing Feedback: Small business owners and especially junior medics have huge blind spots.  A mentor can help you see the entire picture and really focus on what matters.

  • Networking: Get access to a huge network of the best professionals in aesthetic medicine who can help you in ways you have never even imagined.

  • Encouraging and Motivating: Mentors can encourage you to overcome challenges, stay motivated, and maintain a positive outlook, boosting your self-confidence and resilience.

  • Role Modelling: Dr MJ follows the highest ideals of business and clinical practice. There will not be a single corner cut and the reason we do what we do is always patients and the staff who depend on us. If your reasons for being in the aesthetic medicine business are not honourable, please do not apply.

  • How to find an aesthetics mentor: Just buy the course below and we will do everything for you. One on one mentoring is one of our most successful courses because you get so much out of spending time with Dr MJ. Search aesthetic mentoring near me to find out Liverpool teaching practice.

One-to-one mentoring

course costs

hands-on training

  • One-to-One Mentoring (per day)
    £2850 Buy Now

This rate includes the price of the online facial ultrasound course for the half price rate of £350. If you have previously purchased the facial ultrasound course, this cost can be deducted. The online course is mandatory to complete prior to any mentoring session. Discounted rates are offered for the purchase of multiple mentoring days. Please contact to book multiple mentoring sessions.

One-to-one mentoring

hands-on training

The course is entirely bespoke so objectives and treatment areas are decided by you and Dr MJ.

Objectives:  To be decided by you and Dr MJ.

Treatment areas: To be decided by you and Dr MJ.

Models:  We will provide you with at least three models for the day.

Course length: 1 full day (09:00-17:00)

CPD points: 7.0

Our goal for you

Launch a thriving aesthetic career

Aesthetic medicine is booming.  Practitioners are adding aesthetic treatments to their practice and making more money than ever.  Aesthetic patients have a high treatment plan conversion rate.  They say yes to treatment and look forward to spending money with you.

We want you to have a piece of this marvellous industry.   Our promise is to equip you with the skills, techniques and knowledge to launch a thriving aesthetic career.

Our Mission

Make the Industry Safe.

We love learning new technologies and techniques to ensure our patients receive high quality care and delegates receive high quality learning.  Your instructor Dr MJ is a pioneer in aesthetic ultrasound and runs the UK’s first dedicated complications clinic.  She founded the HUB to share her knowledge with other medical professionals and make our industry safe.

Have Questions?
Frequently Asked Questions
Advanced courses aside, the main business of the HUB is to take novices and train them to practise with confidence. You will not only feel confident to start but will feel confident to launch your career in aesthetic medicine.
We have entire HUB training modules on the pros and cons or where to practice and how best to set up your fledgling practice. One of the benefits of medical professionals in aesthetic medicine is that some of you already have a safe, clean and regulated place to practice, your own surgery!
Medical professionals are the best people to be practising aesthetic medicine. You have a highly transferrable skillset in that you understand medicine, unlike non medics. You inject many times a day and have manual dexterity, confidence and important medical knowledge Our program is designed to leverage these transferrable skills to get you to a level of competence quickly and efficiently.
Aesthetic medicine will reward your artistic talents in a way that many medical careers do not. Many practitioners complain about not being able to exercise creativity and expand their talents in dentistry, medicine and nursing. Aesthetics provides you with a balance where you are able to use your dexterity and creativity to create beautiful work.
This is a difficult question to answer and depends on a number of factors. What is certain is that you will have the best education in both aesthetic medicine and also the marketing, business skills and soft skills you need to succeed.
Check out the course information pages for the number of CPD hours available. Our courses combine online learning with hands on days. All our courses are CPD verified and insurer-approved.
Dr MJ is always available for you to ask questions, attend courses and shadow her work. A typical complications clinic is full of professionals here to learn. Be it complications, injection technique, marketing strategy or vetting a supplier for your practice, we’ve done it all before and we have the answers. You will also be invited to join our HUB Graduates Community for ongoing support.
Aesthetic patients are great. They are happy to pay for treatment and say yes to treatment plans. Medical aesthetics is fully discretionary and the patients are more receptive to sales and marketing than health-focussed patients or NHS patients. We will teach you how to capitalise on these factors.
We only train medical professionals and you will need to provide evidence of your professional registration. We train dentists, doctors, nurses pharmacists, dental therapists and dental hygienists. For foundation courses you don’t need any aesthetic medicine experience.

What do our graduates say?

  • the best training I have attended in my 11 years in Aesthetic Medicine.
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    I recently attended the Hands on ultrasound training day with Dr MJ and can honestly say that this is the best training I have attended in my 11 years in Aesthetic Medicine. The whole team, from the booking process to the training were so helpful and organised. MJ’s knowledge and teaching style is another level of training and I would encourage all my medical aesthetic colleagues to attend this amazing course. The pre course training was fantastic as well as the hands on training. I felt so supported throughout the whole process. I have since introduced ultrasound scanning into my Aesthetic Practice and thanks to Dr MJ can add another level of safety to my Patient’s treatment plans. I will definitely be returning for more courses in the future.

    Joanna R

  • I couldn’t recommend this course enough, MJ is incredibly knowledgeable and leader of the industry, you really are being taught by the best!
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    I just finished my foundation training with MJ. The online content gives you a great depth and breadth of understanding to prepare you for putting this into practice. It’s great to know you have the most up to date and evidence based content, plus treatment videos to look back on whenever you need. What I loved about the hands on course was that you get stuck into treating patients with guidance from MJ. MJ and Charlotte were so supportive and encouraging throughout. I have left feeling confident to get started and put all this great teaching into action! I couldn’t recommend this course enough, MJ is incredibly knowledgeable and leader of the industry, you really are being taught by the best! When it’s time to further my training I wouldn’t look anywhere else!

    Yasmin A

  • MJ is a fountain of knowledge and she wants to share it with her delegates and make aesthetics safe and predictable for the patients.
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    What can I say about MJ and her team? You’re all rockstars. I felt at home from the first email of booking until the end of the course. MJ is a fountain of knowledge and she wants to share it with her delegates and make aesthetics safe and predictable for the patients. The Smileworks team are all helpful and astute. I will definitely be back for more training (and treatment!)

    Katerina K

  • A brilliant course, I learnt so much and really enjoyed how hands on it was.
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    A brilliant course, I learnt so much and really enjoyed how hands on it was. It was everything I needed to get started using ultrasound as part of my practice.

    Hannah B

  • You will leave feeling confident in your ability to start your aesthetics journey, without a doubt! Don’t just think about it, do it!
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    I have just completed my level 1 course with MJ and can not recommend it enough! Both days were so informative and taught in a pretty relaxed and fun way, allowing you to understand and more importantly, to treat patients, with ease and be 100% safe. You will leave feeling confident in your ability to start your aesthetics journey, without a doubt! Don’t just think about it, do it!

    Naiymah T

  • Loved every second! Super facility, super staff and brilliant training. MJ is very knowledgeable and supportive throughout the course. I would highly recommend this course to everybody. Don’t think twice just book it!

    Kate H

    Dental hygiene therapist

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