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what to expect

What it is:  Our foundation course will train you in upper face Botox.

What it contains:  Botulinum Toxin (upper face treatment).

Who it’s for: Medical practitioners new to the aesthetics industry or those wanting to refresh their knowledge and achieve a comprehensive understanding.

Your outcome: Gain the confidence to treat patients requesting upper face anti-wrinkle treatments. You will have all the tools to start a successful aesthetic medicine practice.

transform your career

Best Botox Training in the UK

Get ready to transform your career with the HUB’s online Botox course. Meticulously designed for nurses, dentists, and dental hygienists, this course is best suited for those brand new to aesthetic injectables or for those looking to refresh their knowledge of Botox.


Your learning experience starts with a rigorous online course that teaches the theory and technique of producing beautiful Botox results. If you wish to put the theory into practise, you can continue with our hands-on training or post-course mentoring at our state-of-the-art facility in Liverpool.

UK’s leading training centre

Why Choose the HUB?

At the HUB, we have meticulously designed our Botox course to optimise your learning. Where other aesthetic training centres jump straight into practical sessions, we require all delegates to go through our incredible online courses before starting hands-on training. This ensures that everyone is at the same stage of learning, using the same language, and advancing at a consistent rate. We pride ourselves in making our courses globally accessible and straightforward.


Our Botox course is also affordably priced and offers far greater value. The first time you log-on to our online training, you’ll notice the course is robust, detailed, and practical. Driven by industry leader Dr MJ, our courses are not just theory to us. We do this every day. Designed by professional educators, the intentional design of our courses ensures you get the best learning possible.

The three step

learning experience

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1. Online Learning

Start your course online, at home. Complete the learning in your own time before joining us for hands-on training. Our world-class online learning is rigorous and hard. So be prepared!

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2. Hands-on Training

Practical training at our state-of-the-art facility. Small groups with a maximum 1:3 learner to trainer ratio. Treat models from consultation to treatment yourself with no model sharing.

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3. Post Course Mentoring

After graduation, Dr. MJ is available to provide mentoring and guidance throughout your aesthetic career. You will also be invited into our exclusive WhatsApp group of medical professionals.

foundation botox course

online learning

Our online Botox course offers multimedia, accelerated learning for maximum knowledge retention.  We build all of our courses with medical professionals in mind.

Objectives:  Master the theory of precision upper face Botox.

Treatment areas:  Botox: Glabella, Frontalis, Peri-orbital & Nasalis.

Topics (click to view syllabus): Botox

CPD points: 7.85

foundation botox

botox course cost

Online Only

  • Foundation Botox Course
    £450 Buy Now

For the combined Botox and Lip Filler course click here

The fee entitles you to 12 months access to the online course. After 12 months you will be offered a subscription.

Our goal for you

Launch a thriving aesthetic career

Aesthetic medicine is booming.  Practitioners are adding aesthetic treatments to their practice and making more money than ever.  Aesthetic patients have a high treatment plan conversion rate.  They say yes to treatment and look forward to spending money with you.

We want you to have a piece of this marvellous industry.   Our promise is to equip you with the skills, techniques and knowledge to launch a thriving aesthetic career.

Our Mission

Make the Industry Safe.

We love learning new technologies and techniques to ensure our patients receive high quality care and delegates receive high quality learning.  Your instructor Dr MJ is a pioneer in aesthetic ultrasound and runs the UK’s first dedicated complications clinic.  She founded the HUB to share her knowledge with other medical professionals and make our industry safe.

Have Questions?
Frequently Asked Questions
Advanced courses aside, the main business of the HUB is to take novices and train them to practise with confidence. You will not only feel confident to start but will feel confident to launch your career in aesthetic medicine.
We have entire HUB training modules on the pros and cons or where to practice and how best to set up your fledgling practice. One of the benefits of medical professionals in aesthetic medicine is that some of you already have a safe, clean and regulated place to practice, your own surgery!
Medical professionals are the best people to be practising aesthetic medicine. You have a highly transferrable skillset in that you understand medicine, unlike non medics. You inject many times a day and have manual dexterity, confidence and important medical knowledge Our program is designed to leverage these transferrable skills to get you to a level of competence quickly and efficiently.
Aesthetic medicine will reward your artistic talents in a way that many medical careers do not. Many practitioners complain about not being able to exercise creativity and expand their talents in dentistry, medicine and nursing. Aesthetics provides you with a balance where you are able to use your dexterity and creativity to create beautiful work.
This is a difficult question to answer and depends on a number of factors. What is certain is that you will have the best education in both aesthetic medicine and also the marketing, business skills and soft skills you need to succeed.
Check out the course information pages for the number of CPD hours available. Our courses combine online learning with hands on days. All our courses are CPD verified and insurer-approved.
Dr MJ is always available for you to ask questions, attend courses and shadow her work. A typical complications clinic is full of professionals here to learn. Be it complications, injection technique, marketing strategy or vetting a supplier for your practice, we’ve done it all before and we have the answers. You will also be invited to join our HUB Graduates Community for ongoing support.
Aesthetic patients are great. They are happy to pay for treatment and say yes to treatment plans. Medical aesthetics is fully discretionary and the patients are more receptive to sales and marketing than health-focussed patients or NHS patients. We will teach you how to capitalise on these factors.
We only train medical professionals and you will need to provide evidence of your professional registration. We train dentists, doctors, nurses pharmacists, dental therapists and dental hygienists. For foundation courses you don’t need any aesthetic medicine experience.

What do our graduates say?

  • I have never received training to this exceptional level.
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    A truly fantastic advanced facial aesthetics 1-1 training experience. I have been practicing aesthetics for 13 years and been trained by some of the biggest names in the industry, however I have never received training to this exceptional level. MJ is so knowledgeable! Her team are very welcoming and her training/practicing facility is amazing. Initially, I completed online training modules. These were so informative! I felt I was offering a robust consultation and consenting process to my patients until I became better informed via this training. MJ has a great teaching style and I will most definitely be back for more training very soon.

    Tanya Khan

    Aesthetic Practitioner
  • The groups are small & you have MJ’s undivided attention.
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    I have just completed my level 1 Botox & lip filler course, with amazing tuition from MJ from start to finish. The initial online learning is so comprehensive with helpful videos you can continue to refer to if needed post training. When you arrive at the hub all the Smileworks team are so friendly & helpful. The groups are small & you have MJ’s undivided attention. The models were all lovely & it was great to treat your own patients with support from MJ & the other delegates. You are given your before & after pictures of your models so have the start of your portfolio. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Smileworks hub for any dental professional who wants to venture into aesthetics, MJ is a master of aesthetics & you couldn’t be taught by anyone better!

    Nicky P

    Dental Professional
  • The online learning prior to the course was so thorough and meant that the vast majority of my time with Dr MJ was spent with patients rather than sat in a classroom.
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    I attended the Foundation Toxin and Filler course and could not recommend the HUB enough! The online learning prior to the course was so thorough and meant that the vast majority of my time with Dr MJ was spent with patients rather than sat in a classroom. As a beginner in aesthetics, it is so reassuring to know I can go back and rewatch the videos online when I need. Dr MJ’s teaching was second to none and I feel confident to treat my first patients independently. Thank you so much to the whole team – I can’t wait to come back for the intermediate course when the time is right!

    Sophie Rimmer

    Medical Professional

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