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What is Tear Trough Filler?

Your eyes are the most attractive and alluring area of your face. However, over time, hollows beneath your eyes can emerge, casting shadows that make you look exhausted, even after a full night’s sleep. Thankfully, tear trough fillers allow you to completely transform and rejuvenate your under-eye area.

Here at the Aesthetic HUB, we specialise in the art and science of tear trough fillers. This treatment works wonders for those who often hear they look ‘tired’ or feel they’ve lost that youthful volume beneath the eyes. When administered correctly and by trained medical professionals, this treatment not only smooths and refines the under-eye region but also enhances facial symmetry.

You’ll no longer have to worry about looking exhausted. At the HUB, we are committed to providing you with fabulous results at an unbeatable cost.


How can my face change with

tear trough filler?

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Erase signs of fatigue, banish dark circles, and enjoy a rejuvenated, lively gaze. Brighten your look effortlessly.

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Go beyond masking imperfections; reshape and elevate the under-eye area to exude confidence.

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Restore lost volume, smooth out hollows, and reclaim the youthful vibrancy that time has faded.

tear trough filler

who is a good candidate?

Many of our patients come in with a misunderstanding of tear trough filler. It does not necessarily fill in your under-eye bags; you’ll find adding more volume to an area that already has too much does not help. Tear trough filler is used to fill your trough, not your bags. This is why we tend to recommend tear trough filler more often to those with under-eye ‘hollows’ rather than ‘bags’.

Tear trough filler aims to correct a tired appearance. They can rejuvenate your under-eye area and offer a refreshed look. However, because 60% to 70% of patients seeking tear trough filler are not eligible, we recommend getting in touch with our lovely team here at the HUB. They can determine whether you are a suitable candidate for tear trough filler.

risks & side effects

Is tear trough filler safe?

When performed by a skilled injector, tear trough filler is incredibly safe. Since tear trough filler is a complex and technically demanding procedure, it is crucial you choose the right practitioner for your treatment.

While tear trough treatment doesn’t inherently have additional risks, tear trough complications are significantly more common than in treatments like lip filler or Botox. At Dr MJ’s complications clinic, this treatment is easily her most reversed. When tear trough fillers go wrong, it is almost always due to unskilled practitioners.

Luckily, at the HUB, our trainees use ultrasound for every tear trough treatment to ensure safety and precision. This greatly reduces the risk of severe tear trough complications and filler migration. While uncommon at the HUB, minor side effects like bruising or swelling are possible.

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How it works

The Model Experience

Here at the Aesthetic HUB, we train qualified medical professionals in how to master a variety of aesthetic treatments. These medical professionals consist of doctors, dentists, and nurses who already have injecting experience.

To ensure precise results and safe treatment, your appointment will be carefully guided and supervised by Dr MJ Rowland-Warmann, one of the UK’s leading aesthetic practitioners. The best and brightest from all over the world visit Liverpool to be trained by Dr MJ.

As a model, you will be present for their practical training. The appointment will feel like a normal Smileworks appointment, and you will receive the same high standard of care. Prior to their practical training, our trainees have undergone hours of rigorous online learning, so you can leave your appointment with flawless results that leave you feeling beautiful.

Tear Trough Filler Model FAQs
If you can, avoid caffeine, alcohol and other supplements for 24 hours prior to the appointment. Try to come to your appointment without any make up on your skin.
Don’t mess with the treatment area. If you develop small bruises or minor swelling, don’t worry. This is completely normal and should go down within a couple days.

Smoking and strenuous exercise should be avoided for 24 hours after treatment. For two weeks, please avoid facial treatments, saunas, and extremes of heat and cold.

If you develop a very painful bruise, contact us right away. Again, minor bruising and swelling are normal and will reduce after a few days. If you are still experiencing extreme bruising and swelling or suspect you might have a vascular complication, then seek immediate assistance by dialling 999 or contacting us right away.
A tear trough is the hollow or depression that runs from the inner corner of the eye, diagonally towards the cheeks. It can give the appearance of dark circles or shadowing under the eyes.

An eye bag, on the other hand, is a puffiness or bulging that appears below the eye, often due to fat pads pushing forward.

While both can make one appear tired or aged, they are distinct concerns and might require different treatment approaches. Not everyone has a tear trough, but in those that have a tear trough and eye bags, tear trough filler can also mask the appearance of the bags.
Typically, tear trough filler lasts around 12 months, but it may last longer depending on the individual and lifestyle factors such as smoking and vaping, exposure to UV rays (sun-tanning), and excessive physical exercise.
At the HUB, we use lidocaine-based injected anaesthetic. This makes the treatment area completely numb, and you won’t be able to feel a thing.
At Smileworks Liverpool, tear trough filler is usually priced at £450, but as a model at the Aesthetic HUB, you will only pay £150. That’s an incredible 66% discount!
With tear trough filler treatment, there is zero downtime, but you may experience minor bruising or swelling.
Tear trough filler can bring you a new level of confidence without having to undergo an expensive surgery. It’s impossible for us to definitively answer this question, but based on the reactions from our patients, tear trough filler is very worth it.
While many patients see significant improvement after just a single session, individual needs do vary.

Some people might benefit from a combination of treatments, especially if addressing volume loss in adjacent areas like the cheeks. Regular touch-ups, typically after 12 months or more, can maintain optimal results.

It’s always best to contact our team so we can tailor a treatment plan specific to your needs.
For individuals who aren’t ideal candidates for tear trough fillers, several alternatives can address under-eye concerns:

1. Topical Creams: Over-the-counter or prescription creams can reduce dark circles, puffiness, and minor wrinkles.

2. Chemical Peels: They can improve skin texture and tone around the eyes by removing the outermost skin layers, prompting new growth.

3. Laser Resurfacing: This treatment can tighten and rejuvenate the skin, addressing wrinkles and improving skin texture.

4. Microneedling: Stimulating the skin to produce more collagen, this can improve the appearance of the under-eye area over time.

5. Lower Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty): For more severe cases or pronounced eye bags, surgical removal or repositioning of fat and skin might be recommended.

6. Fat Transfer: Instead of synthetic fillers, fat from another part of the patient’s body can be purified and injected into the tear troughs.

It’s crucial to speak with a member of our team to discuss the most appropriate treatment for your individual needs.
Yes, Dr. MJ will oversee the entire procedure to ensure both your safety and flawless results.
The appointment will last between 40mins to 2 hours, depending on how many areas you are having treated. The treatment itself will be 30 minutes but there will a consultation and training that will lengthen the appointment time.
At the HUB, our trainees use ultrasound in every tear trough treatment to ensure maximum safety and precision. Ultrasound allows us to see your veins and arteries, therefore greatly reducing risks like serious bruising or tear trough migration.

Ultrasound is especially helpful with tear trough filler treatments. An artery within the infraorbital foramen is nearly the same size as the cannula we employ for injections. Ultrasound not only allows us to visualise this artery but also ensures the procedure remains both safe and consistent.

What Models Say

  • MJ ensures a professional experience and is incredibly supportive. The key aspect for me is that they want YOU to be happy with how YOU look and how YOU feel about yourself and your face. They certainly do not have a one method suits all. Highly recommend x

    Faith Tiernan

    Treatment model
  • I was a model for the Smileworks Aesthetic Training Hub and I just want to say how great the experience was! Dr MJ and the 3 trainees were so friendly and made me completely comfortable. It was so interesting to be a part of the training and I couldn’t be happier with the results!

    Harriet Hudson

    Treatment model
  • Had a fantastic treatment today at the smileworks hub. Every member of the team are super friendly and professional. I was made to feel completely at ease, everything was throughly explained and I am over the moon with the end result. The service truly is above and beyond. Thank you again!

    Samantha Hammond-Kaye

  • I was made to feel comfortable during my time as a model and would definitely go back. Everyone is so professional and they have such high standards I don’t think I would go anywhere else.


    Treatment model
  • So first time getting lip fillers and also first time as a model for Smileworks x MJ was lovely and the young man who done the procedure was also very lovely x I would recommend signing up to Smileworks as a model as I am delighted with the outcome and my lips look amazing I couldn’t be more pleased with them xx will be signing up for a few more procedures with Smileworks xx

    Claire Newton

    Treatment model
  • Just amazing! I was lucky enough to be a model at the Smileworks Hub and I am so impressed with my treatment. It’s my favourite results I’ve ever had for this treatment. The team are so knowledgeable and really take their time to give you exactly what you desire.

    Abby Harding

    Treatment model
  • Absolutely loved being a model for the HUB training course. MJ was fantastic at directing and observing and the trainee was professional and put me at ease. Thanks again ❤️

    Amanda Samuel

    Treatment model
  • I was made to feel comfortable and confident by the delegate while she worked her magic, overseen by Mj who is very professional and informative. Very happy with my treatment .

    Lynn Cosens

    Treatment model
  • MJ and the lady who treated me were absolutely amazing. From the moment i walked in i was made to feel so welcome and comfortable by all the staff i met. I highly recommend smileworks to anyone who wants the best customer service and even better results. Definitely wont be going anywhere else from now on.

    Rachael Mulhall

    Treatment model

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