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Overview & Sell Digital

A digital download is an electronic form of acquiring a document, software, or a file. These are digital products you can sell in simple forms that your customer can download to read or access.

Many freelancers, YouTubers, and online businesses sell digital downloads for a living or as a way to upsell and make additional profit. It’s a quick and easy way to offer a downloadable item for a fee and doesn’t require logistics, complicated setups, or high upfront investment.

Digital downloads are also popular for anyone running a membership site, as they are nice add-ons to offer their community. They are also great upsells for instructors selling online courses. Some smaller courses can be also sold as a digital download, especially if they are in the form of an ebook (pdf).

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Type #1: PDFs

PDFs – amongst other digital file formats, are the most common digital downloads that you can offer as part of your business marketing strategy.

With the ability to sell it a standalone product, in the e-learning industry, PDFs are useful because they can carry a handful of information for those who want to get something out of an online course or training.

PDFs can be anything from a checklist, to information, a document, a whitepaper or anything that can be considered valuable and includes both text & images.

Type #2: eBooks

Similarly to PDFs, ebooks are a great source of information and constitute a very popular downloadable digital product. Their creation process and distribution is hassle-free and fits almost every business model.

Ebooks are often offered for free in the exchange of contact information – through lead capture forms – of site visitors, who give out their email address to join the business email list.

A free version of an ebook is often distributed to generate more leads and followers. Then, you can sell the premium version. Ebooks can be priced between 2 to 10 dollars because this is usually the standard price someone would agree to buy an ebook.

In some cases, you can sell more expensive ebooks. That would be if you have a big loyal audience, you are writing for a niche expertise that is used to higher prices or if you are considered to be an authority on the subject.

Type #3: Podcasts

Unlike ebooks, podcasts are more difficult to create because they need specific equipment, public speaking skills, connections and time.

But, people are getting more and more interested in podcasts, especially when commuting.

Interviewing thought-leaders or sharing audio-first advice doesn’t need to be free for all podcasts, but it can be a premium digital download for a membership website.

Type #4: Photographs

Photographs and stock images are usually distributed from a business to another business – B2B. But if you are taking unique photographs, you can monetize your skill and sell them as digital products at a price.

According to Pixpa, you can set the price according to your photography specialty area like portrait photography, wedding photography or other, and start building an income from there.

You can either get your photos to a third-party stock website like iStock, Shutterstock, Getty Images or Flickr to start selling. Alternatively, create a uniquely themed website of your own for premium photography.


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June 28, 2020
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