Dr MJ’s Failsafe Botox Brow Lift Technique

28 March 2024

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In this post:

  • Discover the transformative power of Botulinum toxin to ‘lift’ the brow.
  • Master upper face anatomy to perform brow lifts safely and avoid undesired complications.
  • Learn why Botox must be strategically placed in the glabella and periorbital areas to create natural, attractive lift, and why the frontalis muscle is often best left untreated.

Below is an absolutely failsafe Botox Brow Lift technique including injection point diagram and video explanation. It never fails and works beautifully on every patient minimising complications and helping to grow your practice.

You must understand upper facial anatomy to perform a safe and effective brow lift. If you get it wrong, patients run the risk of leaving their appointment with ‘Spock brows’. This is disastrous for your practice and reputation.

At Smileworks this treatment is wildly popular and will certainly grow your practice. We do hundreds each month and It’s crucial you include Botox brow lifts in your repertoire and that you perform them well. So here’s how:

Botox Placement for Brow Lift

Before we dive into where to inject Botox for brow lift, let’s first remind ourselves what Botulinum toxin is: a muscle relaxer.

Botulinum toxin relaxes muscles.

It’s that simple. Remember this as we explore how the placement of Botox affects treatment outcomes.

Combining Glabella & Periorbital Treatment Areas to Create a Brow Lift with Botox

When you inject Botox at the glabella complex, the brows go up and apart. If you place it at the lateral periorbital areas, brows will go up and out.

The standard brow lift is a strategic amalgamation of targeted treatments within the glabella and periorbital regions. When you relax muscle movement in these areas, it creates a favourable and attractive lifting of the whole brow.

The image above provides a visual for the standard brow lift injection sites. Always remember that injection sites can vary slightly from person to person. For a more in depth dive into technique, see our online Botox course.

The correct Botox brow lift training teaches you how to inject precisely every single time. Injection precision not only augments the aesthetic appeal of the eye area but also accentuates the brow’s position relative to the orbital rim. This creates the perfect brow lift.

What About the Frontalis as a Botox Brow Lift Injection Site?

Another Botox brow lift technique is injecting the frontalis muscle. We don’t typically recommend this method as it can cause undesirable results for those without lax eyelids or brow ptosis.

This method treats the middle section of the frontalis and leaves the lateral areas either untreated or lightly treated. This causes compensatory activation of the lateral frontalis. One muscle group is turned off while another is turned on trying to do the job of both.

The brows will only lift during facial animation – when the muscle is trying to move. You’ll notice this quickly creates undesired ‘Spock brows’.

You can still treat the frontalis if you do it in conjunction with the glabella and periorbital areas, but the lift will be slightly less effective.

Avoiding the Dreaded Spock Brow

The infamous ‘Spock brow’ gives Botox brow lifts a bad rep. The truth is this only happens when injectors lack a comprehensive grasp on facial anatomy. These exaggeratedly arched brows result from disproportionate muscle relaxation (when you treat one muscle and not the other). With proper Botox training, this result is entirely avoidable.

With all Botox brow lifts, the objective is to create a symmetrical yet natural-looking elevation of the brow. If it’s immediately obvious a patient has had a brow lift, chances are the Botox was over-treated or misapplied.

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