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What’s making dentists and therapists unhappy in 2021? (and the solution)

Watch Dr Rowland-Warmann explain why so many dentists are fed up of dentistry in 2020. Spoiler: It's got nothing to do with Covid...


Hi, I’m Dr MJ and I’ve been a dentist for over a decade and employ dozens of associates at my practice.  So I have a good idea of what dentists and therapists want from their careers.

I think I’ve figured out what’s making many unhappy in 2020. Sure we have covid but that’s just exacerbating the same old problems that have been there all along.

It’s simply because you’re not getting what you expected from your careers.

In dentists and therapists I see the most intelligent, dedicated and caring professionals and this dissatisfaction is not your fault. There’s other factors at work and I’m going to tell you what they are and how you can fix things to get the career you imagined.

Dentists and Therapists just want to use their artistic talents for interesting and varied work.  You want patients who appreciate you, and you want patients who will accept treatment plans and are happy to pay. You also want to be respected by colleagues, valued by patients and free do your best work.  The work that makes you proud.

And finally you want to feel safe.  Safe in the knowledge that the regulator has your interests at heart and safe financially.

So happy practitioners want to:

  • do creative and varied work
  • earn decent money
  • be respected and valued
  • have patients who appreciate you and are happy to pay
  • you want to feel safe professionally
  • and you want to do work that makes you proud

I mean if you had these things you’d want to get up in the morning and go to work, right?

So what’s going on here?  There are roadblocks making it almost impossible for many to succeed.

And unfortunately most of them are out of your control and this is why a record number of dentists left the profession in the last few years.

I mean how can you be proud of your work if you have 10 minutes with a patient who wants to be anywhere except in your dental chair.  How can you express your creativity pulling rotten teeth all day?

You tell me your patients often don’t care about work you do.  You say you’re tired of drill and fill dentistry but there’s not enough opportunities at your practice. You say you struggle to get private patients to pay and that consequently you can’t really do your best work.  And this is made worse by brutal time and money restrictions in the Nash that feel like they’re choking you.

You also tell me the regulator is out of control and you’re a bit frightened.

So basically the nature of dentistry in modern times means that you are seriously struggling to get what you want.

So how can we fix this?

I have a huge dental practice. But there is one room which is magic. In that room I only ever see patients who want to be there.

All the patients who walk in definitely know the difference between good and bad work and are more than happy to pay me for my creativity.  The work I do in this surgery is often my best work and treatment plans are accepted by almost everybody. It’s like 90%.

I feel safe financially and I feel safe professionally.  In fact, when things go wrong in the dental industry,  I turn to this wonderful place for shelter and a release.


This is not a dental surgery, it’s my aesthetic medicine practice.


I realised that I solved all these problems because I have always run an aesthetic medicine practice alongside my dental practice.  And working with private patients, understanding how they think, not having to worry about the dreadful regulator all the time, feeling financially safe, and doing varied work.  My aesthetic practice balances my dental practice and it will do the same for you.

If you begin a career in aesthetic medicine you can overnight solve some of the most pressing problems that you feel are standing in the way of your career progression and your happiness.

Aesthetic medicine is 100% private so there’s no awkward conversations about fees.

Aesthetic medicine is a luxury.  It couldn’t be further from drill and fill dentistry.  Your patients will be queuing up to see you and they don’t only value your work, they rely on it for their happiness.

Aesthetic medicine is artistic.  There’s no evil regulator and you get to create breathtaking results using your creative talents and clinical skills together.

Aesthetic patients know the difference between good and bad work.  So you will become known in the industry for being a provider who delivers the best.

Aesthetic medicine will revolutionise the way you see dentistry and treat patients.

So if this sounds like something you want – and I’m betting it does – then take a look around our website and see whether the Smileworks Hub could be for you.

We don’t just teach aesthetics at the Hub we launch careers and our courses are only for dentists because you are the best people to be delivering aesthetic medicine to patients.

My aim is simple.  I take dentists and create medical aesthetics practitioners confident to begin commercially successful careers.  Why do I do this?  Because I care about this industry and I care about dentistry.

So consider a new career in aesthetic medicine, start doing the work that makes you proud, seeing better patients, using your talents, making more money, and standing out among your peers.

And make 2020 the year you become known.


See our selection of beginners and advanced Botox and Filler courses at the Smileworks Hub and start your career in aesthetic medicine today.



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