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There Is Something Special About Aesthetics Patients

There truly is something magical about aesthetics as Dr. MJ shares some of her moments since re-opening after lockdown.

When lockdown happened…the response that we had from all of our patients was overwhelmingly supportive.

Smileworks patients are wonderful; they are supportive, they are kind, they are funny, they are clever, they are just everything that practitioners want in patients.


My aesthetics patients were just something else!

They sent me messages saying:

“I can’t wait to come and see you!”

“Never been so excited in all of my life!”

“You re-opening is the best day ever!”

“I missed you, I can’t wait for you to re-open!”

and my personal favourite:

“I feel ugly without you.”

If that isn’t a feel-good factor, then I don’t know what is.

If you want these kinds of interactions with your patients, then just go for a career in aesthetics. You will not regret it.

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