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For Dentists By Dentists

Our aesthetics course is just for dentists.  We designed it with you in mind.
We’ve spent our entire careers actually doing this stuff – we are dentists succeeding in aesthetics and it’s time to share the process with you.  Everything we do is tested according to these principles:
1) Practical skills – which is how you actually treat patients and the preparation, care, and dexterity with which you inject.
2) Soft skills – These are listening and talking skills.  So things like treatment planning, talking about fees, and dealing with problems.
And 3)  Business skills – So everything relating to how you find patients, help them say yes to treatment, and grow your practice.
We understand you’re at the very beginning and we’ve designed the course to reflect that.  We have also designed the course to eliminate the usual frustrations.
We’ve been on too many courses which are hopelessly unfocused on our needs.  There are too many big egos and it doesn’t work for most people.  I’m sure you’ve been there too, some fabulous titan of dentistry or flash aesthetician stands up and bores you with tales of how magnificent they are as if this is somehow going to help you succeed.
We’ve been on courses where the organisers make us feel insignificant, judge us or we leave feeling dejected and useless.  This is not good enough.
At the Hub we’ve put ourselves into your position and asked ourselves the question;
“What were the important things I wish I’d known at the beginning of my career that would have helped me succeed.”
At the Hub there’s no showing off – we teach you how to succeed.  We don’t overcomplicate technical details.  We give you the information a beginner needs to get good fast – and this means small groups, personal focus, deep practice, and an immersive hands-on experience.
Our aim is more than teaching aesthetics, our aim is to launch successful careers.
Our course is complete and comprehensive.  But it’s more than that.  It’s thoughtful.  For example, delegates love our Hub starter boxes. These are unique packs containing the right materials to treat your first cases. Just open the box, read the leaflet to remind you what to do. And begin.
I’ve spent my entire career as a dentist, building a successful facial aesthetics practice.  But more importantly, I understand the challenges you face and can help you overcome them.
All you need to do is find a date and sign up for an upcoming course today.  Then you will have literally taken a decision that will end up in more money, happy patients, and a rewarding career.
Alternatively, enter your email address and take a look at my Instagram to see for yourself what you’re missing out on by continuing to ignore the staggering potential of aesthetics.
Graduating from the Hub is not easy.  We have rigorous standards but you will feel proud when you complete the course and confidence that you have the best training around and the best possible start in your aesthetics career.
It’s time to take control and grow your scope of practice.  It’s time to start making the salary you deserve and truly loving what you do.  And it’s time to become part of the revolution that is transforming dentistry and is here to stay.
Book one of our botox courses today and become the practitioner everybody loves.


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