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Facial Aesthetics: A Logical Step

Why aesthetics makes sense for dentists?
Our aesthetics course is only for dentists.  And it’s that way for a reason.  You want to expand the scope of your practice, see patients who care about your work, and get rewarded with a salary that matches your ambitions.
Maybe you go on courses that lead nowhere or spend time and money only to get blocked from progressing at your practice.
It’s a sad reality that many dental patients don’t value your skills and sometimes it feels exhausting.
But there’s hope for you in aesthetics because aesthetics always makes sense for talented dentists.
Facial aesthetics will not only transform your practice but free you from these internal struggles so common in dentistry today.
As a dentist, you already possess most of the skills you need.  And the course is designed to activate these skills to create effective, profitable aesthetic practitioners.
Dentists are the obvious choice for aesthetics because dentists only work in the face and you are already comfortable injecting.
It’s a waste of your time to go on a course with nurses and surgeons and GP’s.  We don’t waste our time teaching other professions.  Because we don’t understand them.  But we do understand you and can help you overcome the problems you face.
We don’t insult your intelligence with boring lectures aimed at less knowledgable professions and we understand how aesthetics makes sense practically and can work for your practice.
Your aesthetics practice will run alongside your dental practice and the synergy will cause your income to grow dramatically.  Aesthetic patients are dental patients and dental patients are aesthetic patients.  mixing the two together will create productivity way beyond your expectations.
Moreover, there will be nobody standing in your way and, you’ll instantly begin to progress towards becoming the practitioner everybody loves.
Your practice will grow because your aesthetic patients will absolutely love what you do for them.  They are 100% engaged and your treatment plans will almost always be accepted allowing you to work at the top of your competency.
In aesthetics, every day is different, you’ll be finally able to put your artistic flair to work and the variety will feel like a breath of fresh air.
Aesthetics is everything I always wanted.  It is artistic, it’s aspirational and it’s modern.  I feel like I have real relationships with my patients and am to many of them part trusted advisor and part friend.
What’s more, aesthetics is incredibly profitable.  A moderately successful practitioner could turn over between £2-300,000 on as little as three days a week.
So here’s the plan, you attend the course and get everything you need to begin practice.  This includes proven techniques to get your practice started.
Then you start treating patients in the confidence that you can refer to our community for guidance.
Then watch your practice grow and watch your career turn from a struggle into precisely what you had in mind when you chose dental school all those years ago.
It’s time to take control of your path.  It’s time to launch your facial aesthetics career and become the practitioner everybody loves.


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