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The Cure For Dentist Burnout

The breath of fresh air you need to fight burnout and regain your creativity!

Feeling burnout as a Dentist or Therapist? This is the breath of fresh air you need!


Feeling burned out? You need this breath of fresh air at your practice!

It might be the environment that you work in, it might be your colleagues, it might be your patients.. it might be the regulator!

I love dentistry, but our regulators are squashing the life-juice out of our industry.

I don’t know a single dentist who doesn’t in some way feel oppressed in their artistic and creative abilities.

Don’t get me wrong. I love being a dentist and I will be a dentist until the day that I retire.

But there came a point where I realised I couldn’t do dentistry five days a week. I hope that in the next decade we can see some solutions to these problems; that the profession will unite and turn the corner and make it better for everyone within it.

You need insurance against things going wrong.

You need something that will utilise your technical ability and your intellect in order to bring them together in a medical discipline and that discipline is facial aesthetics.

Facial aesthetics has given me so much! It has given me access to a wide range of practitioners. It has given me so much training. It has given me technical ability beyond my wildest dreams., and it has given me a release from dentistry.

If you are a beginner; our botox courses are perfect for you. I will guide you through all the steps necessary to become a proficient injector.

If you are a little bit more advanced but you maybe don’t have the skills or don’t have the confidence to succeed in a career in facial aesthetics then these courses are brilliant for you too! Whether you take them as refreshers or whether you are just learning additional skills or maybe just to have someone hold your hand and guide you on your path to becoming great!

Perhaps you are an advanced practitioner and some elements of your business are not taking off as you would like them to be; we run a busy aesthetics and dental practice – we know what your problems are, we can work them out with you.

I will prepare you in the technical elements that are required in order to fulfill the treatment, but there’s more to that. There are elements of patient interaction, there are elements of managing your practice that I wish someone had sat down with me and told me from the outset. It would have saved me so much pain over the years and so much learning if someone had just shared their knowledge and guided me through it.

Pick a course, signup, and make the first step in your journey to becoming a great aesthetic practitioner.





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