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Can I practise aesthetic medicine right after I graduate the Hub?

Advanced courses aside, the main business of the Hub is to take novice dentists and train them to practise aesthetic medicine with confidence.  You will not only feel confident to start but will feel confident to launch your career in aesthetic medicine.

Can I see patients in my dental practice?

We have entire Hub training modules on the pro’s and con’s or where to practice and how best to set up your fledgling practice.  One of the benefits of dentists in aesthetic medicine is that you already have a safe, clean and regulated place to practice, your own surgery!

Do I already have transferrable skills?

The Hub is built on the fact that dentists are the best people to be practising aesthetic medicine.  You have a highly transferrable skillset in that you understand medicine, unlike non medics.  You inject many times a day and have manual dexterity, unlike GP’s and many doctors.  Medical aesthetics is also working in the face. This is unlike many surgeons who do not practice in the face.  Our program is designed to leverage these transferrable skills to get you to a level of competence quickly and efficiently.

How is aesthetics medicine different to dentistry?

Aesthetic medicine will reward your artistic talents in a way that general dentistry does not.  Many practitioners complain about not being able to exercise creativity and expand their talents in dentistry.  Aesthetics provides you with a balance where you are able to use your dexterity and creativity to create beautiful work.

How long will it take for my new practice to take off?

This is a difficult question to answer and depends on a number of factors.  What is certain is that you will have the best education in both aesthetic medicine and also the marketing, business skills and soft skills you need to succeed.

How much CPD do I get?

The courses are 7 hours a day and you will receive CPD certificates.

Is there continuing support after graduation?

We have a support forum that alumni will be able to participate in.  This is similar to a mastermind where graduates from your cohort and many before you will meet and exchange advice and ideas.  The forum is moderated by selected experts in each field of practice who will be able to solve all your problems and answer your questions.  Be it complications, injection technique, marketing strategy or vetting a supplier for your practice, we’ve done it all before and we have the answers.

What are aesthetic patients like?

Aesthetic patients are great.  Firstly, there are more of them so you will not be struggling to find work. They are patients who want to accept your treatment plan and, more importantly, pay for it.  They are fully private patients and there is usually none of the treatment acceptance problems so many of you struggle with in your dental practices.  Also medical aesthetics is fully discretionary and the patients are more receptive to sales and marketing than health-focussed dental patients.  We will teach you how to capitalise on these factors.

Who is eligible to join the courses?

Eligibility to join is explained in each course module on this page.  For Foundation you do not need any experience in aesthetic medicine and for advanced courses you must have significant injecting experience.  If you call our concierge they will be able to help guide you to the correct course that will give you the most benefit. Most courses at  the Hub are only for dentists and dental therapists but we do have some referrals from our partners at Sinclair for the other professions and run mixed courses for non-surgical rhinoplasty and Ellanse.  If you have been referred by Sinclair then sign up as normal and put your GMC or other registration where it says GDC number.

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Call our treatment coordinator, Davina at the office and she will answer your questions or book you on a course.



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